NOTE: This blog post was originally hosted on the Motorola Developers (MOTODEV). site. That site is no longer online. I’ve made every attempt to preserve the original content with only formatting changes to fit this site.

Hello MOTODEV Studio users,

A new version of MOTODEV Studio for Android was released on 1 October

  1. The new release provides support for the Android 2.2 (Froyo) SDK and includes version 0.9.9 of the Google ADT plugins. For this release, we’ve localized MOTODEV Studio to Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese; provided the ability to filter code snippets; added new activity templates; and created a new feature for validating your apps before they go to market.

A longer description of the update and how to install it is available on the MOTODEV discussion boards at…

Thank you for using MOTODEV Studio for Android.

Eric Cloninger

Sr. Product Manager

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I’ve had an exciting week at the Big Android BBQ in Austin, TX and now at CTIA in San Francisco. I’ve been so busy that I completely missed making this post when MOTODEV Studio 2.0 went live last Friday afternoon. For those of you who follow @motodev on Twitter or just found the installer yourselves, I hope that MOTODEV Studio is helping you write great apps for Android.

MOTODEV Studio 2.0 supports the Android 2.2 (Froyo) SDK and includes the ADT 0.9.9 plugins.

The release notes, installation guide, and installers are available on the MOTODEV Studio download site. Highlights of version 2.0 are as follows:

  • Language packs allow you to run MOTODEV Studio for Android in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can install the product in your choice of language or you can download the language packs separately and apply them to your existing MOTODEV Studio or Eclipse installation. Details in the installation guide.
  • You can now search for snippets in the Code Snippets view. Just start typing in the search box and the categories and snippets will be filtered according to the words you type.
  • There are three new activity templates for creating lists (Image Option list, Multiple choice list, Single choice list), and all list activity templates are grouped under a single heading of “List Activities”.
  • The new MOTODEV App Validator (beta feature) puts in place a framework that will check for common mistakes and help ensure that your apps will run on as many different Android-powered handsets as possible. For this release only rudimentary checks are performed; additional “checkers” will be made available over time as updates to the MOTODEV App Validator.

This last feature, the MOTODEV App Validator, is one that we especially hope you will use and let us know how it works. We also want to know about any other checks we should put in place that will help you create better apps. If we can check for problems before an app hits the public, the better life is for all of us.

We are continuing to work with the communities at both the Android Open Source Project and the Eclipse Foundation to create a great experience for developers who use the Native Development Kit. As this work progresses, you will see more changes to MOTODEV Studio to support C and C++ code.

There are known issues with the release. We’ve documented them as best we can, with workarounds where we’ve found them. If you read nothing else (besides the install guide), please look at the known issues before posting your bug reports. It could be that we’ve already identified the problem and have a workaround.

If you have any problems with the release, please post in the MOTODEV Studio Discussion board. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together and we’re interested in getting your feedback on what you like and what you’d like to see in a future release.

Thank you for using MOTODEV Studio for Android.