US Counties I've Visited


FaceBook users love to post maps of the US States they've visited. I'm taking it a step further and doing it by county. There are software packages for GIS that do this kind of work, but I'm doing it low-tech with Photoshop. This map shows the counties that I've visited while driving or flying in and renting a car.

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Eric's 2017 Travel Bucket List


It's been a long while since I posted on here. My life has changed drastically since the previous post in October 2015. I went from a frequent business traveler to stay at home dad after my wife lost her battle with cancer in 2016.

I plan to continue traveling the world with my kids and I hope to find a new travel partner some day. These are some of the places I want to visit, but this by no means an exhaustive list. If I were offered a trip to Paris or London, cities I've visited several times, I'd be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

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Remove Windows 10 Notifications for Good


I've been getting the "Update to Windows 10" messages for months and I'm tired of seeing them. I have several legacy software packages that I still use quite often on Windows 7 and I'm not certain they will work with Windows 10. I also have older GPS devices that may or may not have Windows 10 drivers. Finally, I've been reading about corporate spyware in Windows 10 that tells Microsoft what I'm up to. None of those things makes me particularly excited about upgrading.

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Moving to Amazon S3


Last week I received an invoice from my web host provider, HostMonster. I've used HostMonster since 2009 and they've provided an acceptable level of service. In addition to the web hosting, I bought half a dozen domains through their eCommerce site and several of them are still being renewed. I was spending $200 a year with them between the hosting and the domain registrations.

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Evaluating services


Last week a corporate merger occurred that has me rethinking the services we use. AT&T purchased DirecTV, the largest satellite television provider. We've used DirecTV since 1997 and have mostly had trouble-free experience with it. I won't say we love it, but we don't hate it like we hate our AT&T cell phone service.

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