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Goodbye, Netlify

In the tech world, the saying goes “If the service is free, you are the product”.

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My Holiday Downtime Project

My employer shuts the entire company down over the holiday break, so I find myself with idle hands. Naturally, it’s time to break something. Caution: There ...

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Where on the Internet is Eric?

With the recent chaos at Twitter, finding me on the Internet is a bit more difficult. So, here’s an update.

Updating Netlify

I received an email this week from Netlify informing me that the version of Linux being used to host my site was being deprecated and I needed to choose a ne...

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Some Photography Tips for Phone Users

You’re driving home from work and you see the most incredible sunset after a thunderstorm. You pull out your phone and take what is sure to be the next Puli...

Hooray for Netlify

This is a quick post to test a site change that will hopefully make life much easier on me in maintaining the site. In the past, I played with other “auto de...

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Pandemic Projects

My pandemic projects for 2020/2021 have pretty much been the following…

So, You’re Going to Work from Home Now

With COVID-19 causing all sorts of disruption, companies are asking their employees to stay home for extended periods. Universities are making classes virtua...

Your Op-Sec Sucks (and so does mine)

A couple weeks back, I was on a flight leaving San Jose on a Friday morning. The flight left before dawn, filled to the brim with business travelers wanting ...

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Cherry picking my Google Plus feed

Google+ (aka G+, aka Google Plus) is going to shut down soon. As a social site, G+ stopped being relevant years ago. I won’t go into why, because it won’t ch...

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Eric’s Travel Bucket List

These are some of the places I want to visit, but this by no means an exhaustive list. If I were offered a trip to Paris or London, cities I’ve visited sever...

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