About Me

While it may seem a bit hypocritical for someone with a website bearing their name, I’m actually quite private. I wasn’t always this way, but the way companies collect and combine information has made me more cautious in the way I communicate on the internet. You won’t find more than passing mention of my children and spouse on these pages. Most of the content is about my work or hobbies. The content related to restoring my 1972 MGB roadster that used to be on this site is now at my72MGB.com.

I’m a software developer and I am the Developer Docs and Resources lead at Analog Devices. My CV is on LinkedIn.

I live in a small town in western Oklahoma and I’ve worked from home since 2000. Before the COVID pandemic, I frequently traveled as part of my work. As travel restrictions are being lifted, I’m back to traveling, just not 100,000 miles per year.


Well, this is awkward.

I certainly want contact from friends and family, but I don’t want contact from scammers or advertisers. I go out of my way to keep advertising and marketing out of my life. Which is why I’m not on social media very much and I don’t let apps and sites use notifications.

The best way to reach me is email. The domain is pobox.com and the account is my first name plus the first letter of my last name (i.e. the first 5 letters of this website). I have spam settings on that domain set as high as they go with filters for domains based on country of the sending system. So, if you really want to email, send it as plain text and use a well-known sender, like gmail.com, outlook.com, etc.

If you have my cell number from the last 20+ years, that number still works. It starts with ‘4’ and ends with ‘9’. I have a Google Voice account and that number begins with ‘4’ and ends with ‘8’. I no longer have a landline, so if you had a number with ‘663’ in it, that number no longer works.

If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, I do occasionally look at LinkedIn messages.

About This Site

This site is hosted on Netlify, which is a free service for casual use. I was using AWS, which cost only a few dollars per month, but I kept running into issues with automatic deployment from Github. Someone suggested looking at Netlify, which turned out to be exactly what I needed for this project.

In 2020, I switched from using Atom to VS Code and I’m finding myself working more on my projects than spending time to get my environment to do what I need. Since I’m a bit old-school, I tend to work in the Bash shell most of the time, using Ubuntu under the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


All photographs on this site, used in the banners and shown in image galleries, are original works by Eric H. Cloninger unless otherwise credited. All rights are reserved.