NOTE: This blog post was originally hosted on the Motorola Developers (MOTODEV). site. That site is no longer online. I’ve made every attempt to preserve the original content with only formatting changes to fit this site.

Greetings from snowy Colorado!

Things seem happen when you least expect them. Both my kids were born in the middle of the night, our heating system stopped working on Christmas day last year, and now that I’m taking a few days of vacation, new Android plugins are available.

While I may be taking a few days in the mountains, the MOTODEV Studio team spent the last couple days testing with Studio 2.1.1. The great news is that there are no problems using these plugins. I was able to download and install the new plugins from the comfort of a soft chair next to a roaring fire. It took longer to warm a mug of hot chocolate than it did to download and install the updates.

You can update Studio 2.1.1 to ADT 10.0.1 via the “Help->Install New Software” menu. In the install page, add the URL to the list of update sites. I suggest you unselect the checkbox labeled “Contact all update sites” unless this operation fails for you. The ADT plugins are not signed, so you will get a warning message about that. After they are installed, just restart MOTODEV Studio and you will be up and running.

If you are using a version of Studio prior to 2.1.1, you will need to update to 2.1.1 first and then install the ADT plugins as I’ve described above. There does not seem to be any urgency to install these plugins. There’s no new SDK that requires them. While it’s always a good idea to stay current, it doesn’t appear to be a requirement in this case.

Please let us know if you have any problems by responding to this thread.

Thanks for using MOTODEV Studio