I started writing software for money in the late 1980’s. My first real coding job came in 1988 and I was making $9/hour to write C programs to convert massive (at the time) text files into a predecessor of HTML. From there to writing desktop applications for Windows and Macintosh.

Through the years, my skills evolved to writing C++ code on Windows NT and Macintosh. In 1996, I moved to Austin, TX to work for a company that changed my career. In addition to helping create a cool new development environment, I was leading other developers in their work. That company was hired to create the SDK for a new device. You might not have heard of Metrowerks or the CodeWarrior development tools, but you’ve probably heard of the PalmPilot. Between Metrowerks and Palm itself, I worked on PDA tools and apps for eight years.

After Palm, I moved from leading developers to working outside the engineering organization. Since 2006, I’ve worked almost exclusively as a Product Manager on development tools. I work with Marketing, Sales, and customers to lead the engineering teams on future releases. Having been a developer for 18 years, I bring my experience to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical parties.

An aside to my work for the last 10 years is that I’m very experienced in working in and with open source development. I’ve led teams where 100% of the work is devoted to open source projects and other teams where open source was consumed to create a legal derivative product. I’m experienced working with different open source licenses and can discuss the merits and problems with each.