FaceBook users love to post maps of the US States they've visited. I'm taking it a step further and doing it by county. There are software packages for GIS that do this kind of work, but I'm doing it low-tech with Photoshop. This map shows the counties that I've visited while driving or flying in and renting a car.

The colors represent different trips we took. When two or more trips overlap the same county, there is some shading that occurs, due to me setting the opacity in Photoshop to 80% for each layer.

  • Royal blue is the Summer of 1995 where Jackie and I took several trips in a conversion van we borrowed from her mom.
  • Light blue is the Summer of 2002 when we hauled our RV around the western US. Most of this trail is duplicated by other trips. We went to Senora, AZ, the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, and finally brought the RV to La Veta, CO for my mom to use for the summer.
  • Light purple was a road trip to Orlando to spend the week at Disney. I flew from Orlando to California and Jackie drove back with her aunt, which is why it doesn't show a return trip.
  • Dark purple is a 2011 trip to Cape Canaveral to watch the last space shuttle launch. On the way, we stopped in Louisiana a few days to take an airboat ride and a few days in New Orleans. After spending a few days in Daytona, we went to Orlando so the kids could visit the Universal Studios.
  • Yellow is a road trip in Summer 2013, where we went to Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, and Boston in the van. We were gone for 17 days and put over 6,000 miles on the odometer.
  • Bright green is the Summer 2016 trip that Ysabeau and I took in the RV across the Western US.
  • Orange is "Miscellaneous"