My father loved to say "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions". I got what he was trying to say, but he wasn't exactly the model of efficiency. As much as he talked about getting things done, he spent a lot of time in his shop, sitting in his recliner, and watching The Rockford Files. I certainly inherited his ability to put things off and I spend plenty of time in my office, but my vices involve baseballs and cameras.

Tonight I was planning to write up a bit on how I got my EEE netbook installed with Windows XP. I tried a couple different Linux installations and wasn't happy with any of them. I'm pretty effective as a Windows admin, so I thought I'd give it a go on the limited resources available on the EEE. The end result is working pretty well and I was planning to write up everything I learned the last few weeks. I was going to sit in my favorite chair, watch a baseball game, and write my article.

Those were my Good Intentions.

The Road to Hell arrived in the form of an awesome electrical storm. The clouds were lit up and my son asked me why I wasn't taking photos of the lightning. That was the final straw. So, I put the computer away and got out my camera, a couple of lenses, and my tripod. Ah well, perhaps they have cold beer in Hell…

Here's the results of my impromptu photo session


Road trip!

Another bit of house cleaning I'm doing is making a back link to my friend Ben's new 77 Counties blog and his twitter feed with interesting bits of trivia about the Cowboy State. Ben is going to photograph something interesting about all of Oklahoma's counties and he's going to do it with his boys in tow. What a great experience for all of them.

Ben started getting back into photography a few years ago and I help him with some of the technical details. Check out his flickr photostream. Where I obsess over the mechanical details, Ben looks for the emotional impact of a scene. We make a good pair when we're out with our cameras together because we leverage each others' creative strengths.

Do Androids Dream of Electric People?

I need to start posting bits about the cool stuff that's in Android, but that will have to wait a bit. Stay tuned for that, though. In the mean time, follow me on Twitter for daily updates of silliness.

Now, where are my ruby hiking boots? The Road to Hell awaits….