I've been using iTunes for years and as a music categorization and playback application, it does a good job for me. We have multiple iPods and the synchronization always works. Now, I want to use iTunes with my Android phones. I switch phone every few months to the newest model that I'm testing, so I need a solution that is reproducible and efficient as when I get a new iPod.

I've tried using DoubleTwist connected via USB but there are problems. The first is that despite the phone being connected correctly and all the settings where they are supposed to be, it still doesn't work. This seems to be a repeatable problem with the Droid and no permanent solution has been found. Support for this free product is left primarily to the user community. The makers of DoubleTwist have a $3 app on the Droid called AirSync and I've read good reviews of it, but if I can't make their free product work, what guarantees do I have that their paid product will do any better?

There are other music syncing apps in the Android Market and I will try them out. I don't mind spending a few dollars to get this to work, but I want the workflows to be complete and make syncing an Android phone with iTunes as effortless as it is with an iPod.

After the sync issue is complete, then it's a matter of finding a good playback app. I'm afraid none of the popular choices really work that well for me. The built-in app on the Droid isn't so hot. Tunewiki is OK for playback but I don't really care if there are 47 other people in the US listening to the same song that I am. Honestly, if someone came up with a UI that had the Droid mimicking the controls of my iPod Classic, I would be thrilled (even down to the scroll wheel).

Am I missing something obvious? What music sync and playback apps do you use?