NewEgg is one of my favorite online retailers. They have a great selection of the things that I want at competitive prices. They handle orders quickly, usually the same day, and they have a very affordable expedite option. Their shipping costs are reasonable and because they are located near FedEx and UPS hubs, I usually get my order in only a few days. In 5 years, I've needed their customer service a few times and they always handle the problem to my satisfaction without any hassles. It's because of these things that I rarely look elsewhere when buying computers, peripherals, electronics, etc.

I bought a 27" 1080p monitor from NewEgg a few months ago. At the time, I mounted it on the wall and connected it to my existing peripherals. The picture quality wasn't perfect with the VGA connection, but it was good enough. This morning, I found the DVI cables while moving piles around in my office and decided it was a perfect time to switch. Except that the monitor is mounted to the wall with only a few inches to spare and I can't see the connectors on back.

One of the reasons NewEgg rocks is because they take photos of every product they sell. They unbox the products and take photos from every angle. They photograph the power cord and even the manuals that come with it. Most folks probably think this is overkill, including myself at times.

This morning, I was able to look at the photo of my monitor on NewEgg's website and know exactly where the DVI connector was and which way it was oriented. It took 15 seconds to work the cable up the back and plug it in. Now I have ghost-free output on this lovely monitor. In fact, it took longer to write this blog post than it took from the moment I spotted the DVI cable.

This is what makes separates an average retailer from a great one. Lots of places sell monitors and I probably could've gotten this one a bit cheaper at one of those fly-by-night NYC places. But NewEgg has done such an incredible job for so many years that I don't even think about anyone else. That kind of loyalty doesn't happen by accident–it's hard earned and NewEgg has earned my loyalty with this kind of attention to detail.