Driven by several needs, I'm taking to blogging again. Perhaps it will stick this time. At the very least, I'm using my real name instead of resorting to silly pseudonyms.

In this space, I will be waxing poetic on stuff I know about. Or at least claim to have some knowledge of. Or wish I knew something about. Stuff like…

  • Software development; and more importantly –Embedded and mobile software development with Eclipse
  • The joys of being a remote worker for a really big company (i.e. working in a barn)
  • Business travel from seat 17B
  • Photography
  • Stuff that starts fights: Politics, Sports, Religion, coding standards

My first assignment is going to be to cover the EclipseCon developer conference later this month. I've been the project lead for the Eclipse DSDP-TML project for most of the past year and I was one of the organizers for this years event. My employer has products based on Eclipse and it's important to our long-term plans, so I need to actually pay attention to this stuff and not spend the week drinking beer in the bar. What better way than making new friends and enemies than making comments about them on a blog?

That's all for now.