Jackie jokes that I'm a social butterfly and I suppose she's right. I have quite a lot of friends in many places. I believe in the new Social Media terms, I would be considered a "Connector" because I bridge the gaps between disparate groups of people who would not otherwise encounter each other.

Richard is a photo friend and he lives in the UK. In 2006, he met me in London and gave me a tour of the city. Later, he and his wife met me in Swindon, where we spent a rainy winter evening talking about life, beer, children, and cameras (of course).

Richard saw one of my forum posts about our upcoming trip to France and emailed me. He gave me good advice on places to stay and things to do. Last night he emailed me to tell me that he and his wife found a RyanAir pig hauler flight into Marseilles that was too cheap to pass up. They are going to be staying at their country home about 35 miles from where we are staying in St. Remy. We are planning to meet them on Tuesday and Wednesday and they will show us the area. It will be good to have someone who knows the area, speaks passable French, and can point out the can't miss locales. Plus, he has a lens that I've been coveting and he said he will bring it along.

I'm quite pleased with how this trip is stacking up. Barring some unforeseen problem, we should have a blast. Even if we don't get any sleep.