Today I remembered one of the most important bugs in the Eclipse Foundation's bugzilla database–Bug 300500. It pops up every year, it seems. My friend and (now) colleague, Lynn Gayowski, worked very hard to get the bug created and to drive its' acceptance. It's an important enough bug to merit official notice by the official EclipseCon twitter stream.

In 2010, the Foundation printed badge tags for EclipseCon attendees to bring the issue to light.

via anniejay on flickr

via anniejay on flickr

However, not everyone is convinced. Ian Skerrett, the Eclipse Foundations' VP of Marketing, isn't quite convinced that the bug is important.

If you run a Google search on the term "300500", you see that the Eclipse bug is the second highest result for that number. Contrary to Ian's belief, people do feel it's important. Granted, 300500 is a pretty random number so it's not surprising that it's visible in the list of search results. But…

We can do better.

As important as 300500 is to a lot of Eclipse people, why aren't we talking about it more? Why aren't we driving its PageRank higher? If Eclipse committers and EclipseCon attendees are passionate about the way things operate in Open projects, they should be discussing this bug openly and frequently. Both at the Foundations' sites and away from it.

I'm starting the charge.

EclipseCon 2013 is coming up. It's only 2 months until people start showing up in Boston. I challenge each and every one of you. Those of you who commit or contribute, to talk about 300500 in some useful way. Get the word out, make it #1.

I hope to see you in Boston, where we can work on solving this bug as a community.

(Former Sequoyah project lead, current Mobile package maintainer)