I apologize for not blogging while on vacation. I promised and failed to deliver–yet another in a long string of disappointments of which I am the author. I offer no defense, guilty as charged. I did at least Twitter quite often.

The truth is, we were having loads of fun doing what we were supposed to be doing. Staying in touch with the rest of you lot were the last things on our minds. I took about 950 photos and Jackie about half that many. If you know anything about me at all, you know I don't hurry when it comes to sifting through photos. I'll get a few posted in the next couple days.

In the mean time, here's a funny story at my expense…

We were on the Open Tour bus, driving through the Latin Quarter. Paris' streets are lined with trees and they were in full leaf. The Open Tour buses are double decker and the top deck is open, as the name suggests.

The bus wasn't full, so there was plenty of seating. I was sitting on the far right-side seat and Jackie was in the row ahead of me. I was was looking around and not paying attention to where we were driving. The bus hit a low hanging branch which popped it straight up. When it came back down, it hit me full in the face, snapping my neck back and sending my sunglasses flying. "Son of a bitch", I yelled.

Everyone on the bus waited a few seconds to see if I was injured. When they saw I wasn't hurt too bad, they all started laughing. After that, the ladies in the rows behind me kept telling me to duck when the bus would hit a branch.

Au revoir