Well, it's time. More or less. The bags are packed and stowed in the back of my pickup. We're only a few hours from departing on our 3 week trip to Europe. We're made arrangements with our friends, family and neighbors to feed the critters and watch the house. Here's a rundown of what we'll be doing and where you can find content to follow along.

My mother says she has no idea where we're going. Even though she has a set of encyclopedias in her home (and the Internet), she says all those countries have changed. So here's a map (click to enlarge).

First, we're heading to London, via Houston. The trip to London is on the new 787 Dreamliner. This will be a first for me and I'm pretty excited to see what that plane looks like. We're spending 6 days in London at an apartment on the south side of the Thames, near the Tower Bridge.

On the 5th, we'll be taking the EuroStar train to Amsterdam, via Brussels. Beau wanted to visit Amsterdam after reading the Anne Frank diary and watching a young-adult movie that took place in Amsterdam. Jackie and I encouraged the kids to put in their ideas, as it's their trip too.

From Amsterdam, we're renting a car and driving. Not sure where. We haven't booked any arrangements for the 4 days. We'll mosey about, perhaps heading toward Luxembourg or perhaps visit some of the World War I and II battle sites and cemeteries.

My rationale for visiting Luxembourg is to find a Geocache there. By the time we finish this trip, we will find Geocaches in Netherlands and Belgium. If I fail to find a geocache there, I will have a hole in my caching map for the middle of Europe and that will drive my particular brand of OCD crazy.

The Tour de France is going along the northern coast of France that week. While I would love to see le Tour in person, we watch the races every year and it seems the fans along the country roads are a particular type of crazy. Perhaps some day, we'll see the peloton ride into Paris. As le Tour clears out of the Normandy area, perhaps we'll visit the D-Day sites there.

We arrive in Paris on July 11. We're staying only about half a mile (~1km) from the Eiffel Tower, on the other side of the river. I'm interested to see how the French turn out for their national holiday. Do they kick back like Americans, or are they insane like the Canadians on Canada Day?

We'll head home on July 17. No doubt tired and hopefully full of memories to last a lifetime.

The main place where we will post photos along the way will be my photo site.


I will post some of our favorites to Facebook as well as occasional shots on Twitter.