Today was "get ready to leave day". It was pretty painless because we already packed on Monday. The most angst was waiting on the UPS guy to show up with an extra battery for my camera, because 3 just aren't enough.

Left town about 4:30, after I worked "most" of a day. I had a bunch of things to wrap up at work. I'm sure I missed something, but Lori is just going to have to survive without me (perish the thought, she's lost without me). It seems like I never have vacations when things are calm at work. I'm always either leaving the frying pan or coming back into the fire. Maybe it's the type of jobs I keep taking.

Had an early dinner with the kids at the Taco Cabana (the hottest spot north of Havana). Then we hit a book store for 45 minutes waiting on Cheri to get home and to get some reading material for the planes. Spent some time saying goodbye and then headed for our hotel. I'm feeling separation anxiety, Jackie isn't. But, she gets a lot less time away from the kids than I do, so it's understandable.

Cheri took this photo with Jackie's new G10, and I spent 30 minutes processing it in the hotel room tonight. I want to see how difficult it will be to process and upload photos from France on a 9 inch netbook. Verdict: slightly difficult, but not too bad. Worst part is typing, not using Lightroom.

Checked into our hotel at the Hampton Inn in Bricktown, OKC. We've never stayed here, but it's not bad for a 3-star. It backs up against the AAA ballpark. Our room looked out on the back of the fence, but the parking garage had a great view. Some guy a level below us was drinking beer and screaming at the home team how much they stunk (they were losing 9-0). Amusing.

We had some late-night nachos and a couple of beers at the Bricktown Brewery. I'm about to print off our boarding passes and hit the hay for a 5:30 am wakeup call. I'll check in again on the road.

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