"What do I do with this?" the wife asked me, pulling yet another logoed piece of crap out of the cabinet above the coffee maker. Thinking it was another coffee mug or metal water bottle, I didn't even look over my shoulder when I said, "Put it with the others."

"I think you'll want to think about this one," she replied. Like most times, she was correct. In her hand was a frosted reminder of my time in Hell.


If you were at PalmSource in the mid 00's, you might remember the Palm OS 6 project, code named Sahara. If you weren't at PalmSource, chances are you don't remember it. The market had given up on PalmSource by that point, as had most of our partners. Palm was working on Windows phones and even had a secret project called Hollywood that was going to be the Next Great Thing (it wasn't). A couple of OEMs were interested in licensing Palm OS, but it wasn't the cash cow it was earlier in the decade.

Like many companies facing extinction, the execs convinced the rank and file that we were doing great things, but we needed to work harder. When we were done, we would have a party and the market would reward us by making us rich. So we worked harder and we delivered Palm OS 6, it seems, shortly before Christmas of 2004. I recall that our party was at The Tech in San Jose, but it could've been elsewhere. There was champagne and the execs toasted us for getting everything out the door.

Now all we had to do was convince the OEMs to get on board.

They didn't.

Six months later, Dave Nagel was out on his ass along with most of the executive staff. And me. I got the notice from HR quite literally as I walked my wife out of the hospital of her last chemotherapy treatment. I kept that glass for years out of spite. When I would see it, it reminded me just how low someone can go when they don't give a shit about the person on the other end of a phone line. Just another person on a list to RIF by the end of the day.

ACCESS is all but gone. So is Palm. There's no point in hanging on to hatred that long. There's no point in hatred, period. Cast it off. Move on.

But have a little fun with it…