I probably should do a writeup of our trip to London, but I haven't worked up our photos yet. Instead I've been wasting time this morning in Photoshop making wallpapers for my new Droid RAZR. My old RAZR was an engineering model and was just about on it's last legs, so now I have a production model. Since I won't be reflashing with engineering builds every 2 weeks, I thought it would be nice to have some cool wallpapers on this phone.

These are in 9×8 aspect ratio, ideal for the qHD displays on the RAZR and ATRIX, but they should work on other devices as well.

In honor of our trip to London, here are two versions of the iconic Underground Map. I didn't know whether I liked it better with or without the words of the stations. The words make it awfully busy and distracting, but that's part of the coolness of the tube map.

White Background with words of stations
White Background with words of stations

White Background, no words
White Background, no words

In honor of my beloved Pokes making it to the Fiesta Bowl, here is The Oklahoma State University Logo centered on a field of OSU Orange (R:217 G:89 B:0 or #d95900 if you're curious).

The Oklahoma State University Logo

To use these files, download them to your phone (click the link or right click and choose "Save Link As…") and put them in the camera folder. This is probably on the SD card in a folder called 'Camera' inside another folder called 'DCIM'. If you are reading this on your PC or Mac, you will need to download first to your computer, attach your USB cable, set your phone to USB Mass Storage mode, and then copy the files into the correct folder on the phone.

There are several ways to set the image as your wallpaper, depending on which phone you have. Different manufacturers have different shortcuts to set wallpaper, unfortunately. Motorola phones allow you to use the photo gallery and choose "Set As" and choose "Wallpaper". Other manufacturers probably have their own shortcuts.

One way that should work for all devices is to go to the home screen and press for 2 seconds. When the popup menu appears, choose Wallpaper from the list then choose "My Gallery" or something similar from the next list. Then navigate the Gallery to find the images that you downloaded from this page. You will have the ability to zoom in to the part of the image you want. Since I set the image sizes to be the size of the RAZR and ATRIX already, you should expand the rectangle to the maximum size. Choose OK, and that should be that.


Technical Note (for the nerds)

The way these work, if you're interested in doing this for yourself, is simple. Go to the manufacturers web site and determine what the dimensions of the screen. The size of the wallpaper will be the height by 2 times the width.

Leave some room in your design at the top for the notification bar (for phones) or the action bar (tablets). Also leave room in your design at the bottom for the dialer (phones) or the notification bar (tablets). Save the image as a PNG-24 preferably with an alpha channel, but you could just as easily use JPEG and it will work fine.